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Ginger June Candle Co

Flower Candles

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  • Joyful- yellow: tangerine, neroli, lavender, bergamot, orange, nerolina, geranium, palmarosa, lemon, cedarwood
  • Blossom- dark pink:  ylang-ylang, rose, lavender, orange, tangerine, copaiba
  • Palo- light pink: scotch pine, pinyon pine, palo santo, cedarwood, balsam, sage, fir needle, vetiver


  • Get the most out of your candle. The first time you burn your candle, you should burn at least approx 2 hours, or until the melt pool (liquified wax on the top layer of a burning candle) nears the inside edge of the jar. Each time thereafter, burn until you’ve fully re-established the melt pool to prevent tunneling. Burn times vary according to ambient temperature and humidity.
  • Trim your wick • trim your wick • trim your wick!


  • 8 oz ceramic candle hand poured with with 100% essential oil blend & american grown & processed soy wax